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export possibilities

five things to make it complete – worldwide and exclusive

Our aim is to design things to be as simple as possible. In this case, that means you have the wall aperture and we have the means to fill it – with an aluminium frame, a glass or wooden door or a combination of both.

Our complete solution additionally offers you a digital tool with comprehensive functions as well as information and intelligent functions covering every aspect of your order. An impressive and exclusive range of glass door designs, wooden doors and the respective purist aluminium frames with corresponding hardware accessories and attractive surface finishes. We also include the tools required for installation and offer a worldwide logistics solution for your new premium product from licht & harmonie.

In this way, we can guarantee that you are free to select the broadest range of dimensions and standards across national and continental borders. We only need the dimensions of your wall aperture to coordinate all the components.

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aluminium frames – absolutely purist

The unmistakable combination of straight lines, minimalism and elegance makes our alumin impulse aluminium frames an exclusive interior design object. The filigree frame trims and the precisely mitred frame corners are evidence of our premium quality par excellence. licht & harmonie has developed a sustainable overall solution from aluminium for the sophisticated integration of interior doors.

Every glass door also includes the corresponding hardware sets that perfectly round off your individual glass solution. Various designs and surfaces are available.

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glass constructions

Hinged doors and swing doors with block frames or aluminium profiles

In addition to the most common solutions with hinged doors, sliding doors and swing doors, licht & harmonie also offers you the entire range of all-glass solutions. Whether you need a porch unit for your home, complete room partitioning solutions for an open-plan office, a special room solution for a surgery or are planning an exclusive glass installation that takes sloping roofs into account, we will find the best solution for every installation situation and also manufacture special dimensions of all glass elements as required – right down to the last millimetre, of course.

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glass constructions

For modern room designs with natural daylight

The great advantage of solutions made entirely of glass is self-evident – you create modern space environments without having to forfeit real daylight. In combination with high-quality aluminium frames and profiles, the range of possibilities open to you is almost endless.

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sliding door system tvin 2.0

See for yourself the timeless modern design and technical sophistication. The Tvin 2.0 sliding door system puts your door perfectly in the frame. It features high-quality surfaces and a concealed runner design using ball-bearing mounted rollers to ensure that it runs quietly.
In addition, the Tvin 2.0 system offers automatic door retraction for greater convenience, a continuous brush seal as well as a soft stop and optionally a back lining profile for mounting in front of a frame.

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glass diversity

The secret of each of our collections developed in-house is the commitment to bring natural daylight into your home. Every product from licht & harmonie features uncompromising premium quality in design, material, workmanship and technology.

Our philosophy is very clear – we provide premium glass solutions that not only close wall apertures as doors. Our doors are also always felt to be an aesthetic luxury accessory in your stylish home surroundings.

All our products also meet the demanding test criteria of the MPA NRW (Materials Testing Office). We subject our products to recurring endurance tests at that location. In addition to these external tests, we carry out further internal load tests on our in-house test bench.

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wooden doors – easy to combine

The exclusivity of our products is also reflected in the impressive combination options of wood and glass doors. The challenge in each case is to develop and match the different surfaces, finishes and requirements to produce perfect products.

In conjunction with the specialised brands of the Grauthoff Door Group, surfaces are precisely coordinated with the design and development teams and individual door and space solutions are created that can be holistically adapted to the respective property. In this way, we are able to offer the entire range of doors, including wooden doors of course.

The timeless wooden door generates a convincingly aesthetic modern effect in combination with the purist aluminium frame, which provides the appropriate surround for your high-quality wooden door.

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L&H direct

Complete digital solution, L&H Direct is a complete and comprehensive tool with information about our products that facilitates order processing. In connection with the licht & harmonie products, it also simplifies communication.

Support with decision-making, L&H Direct offers great support for on-site consultation through high-quality product images and comprehensive technical information. Thanks to modern web technology, L&H Direct can be accessed and used on all devices. In addition, the tool is up to date every time it is called up, as all the data we maintain is constantly updated.

Product configuration, A special feature is the intuitive product configurator, which uses automatic error prevention to ensure that even inexperienced users can only enter correct configurations. This intelligent mode of operation also guarantees that demanding door configurations do not present any particular hurdles.

Product costing, In connection with your configuration, you will always receive a price in real time, so you do not have to waste time making additional enquiries. Due to the continuous updates carried out in the background, new products are also immediately available to you for configuration.

Technical details, As you would expect, L&H Direct also offers a wide range of technical drawings and further information about the licht & harmonie product range. At the end of the process, this complete tool should leave no questions unanswered.

Language and currency, Various languages and currencies are also available for L&H Direct.

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logistics and contact

Complete package

When it comes to logistics, we also strive to keep the challenges of shipping as simple as possible. This is why we do not want to leave any questions unanswered here and offer you a simple but complete solution.

For us, it is not only such aspects as reliability, transport reliability and on-time delivery that play a role in global logistics. In transport boxes specially packed for you, you will find not only your high-quality product but also other utensils that you need for the installation and care of your exclusive glass solution. This includes, among other things, the right tools, care instructions and additional technical information.

In other words, we will always offer you an individually configured complete solution consisting of high-quality aluminium frames, exclusive glass or wooden doors including the corresponding fittings as well as the logistical processing with corresponding advice. Our philosophy also includes being able to offer you this complete package from an MOQ of one.

Trained service team

High quality standards, clear communication and friendly, satisfaction-orientated customer service are the secret of our daily customer contacts. Our ambition is to be able to help you as a customer. This is why we rely on a specially trained service team that is not only familiar with the actual product advice, but also with the associated technical issues. In principle, we will of course also advise you on all other questions regarding the licht & harmonie product range, processing of your order and, if necessary, make recommendations. Together with you, we will find the best individual solution for you.

Our multilingual service team will also take care of any requests for changes to your order, provide you with information on delivery times and prices, discuss the logistical process with you and, if required, provide you with further sales literature and advisory documents.
In this way, we aim to ensure that you not only enjoy your new licht & harmonie quality product, but also remember our customer service in the best possible positive light.

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